Guevara Gallery
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+ Glass
+ Lighting
    Hanging Lamps
    Table Lamps
    Floor Lamps
+ Furniture
    Cupboards / Cabinet
    Chairs /Desk chairs
    Desks and Boudoirs
    Garden Furniture
    Bars /Cocktail Trolley
    Bedside tables
    Dining table / Game
    Tables / Coffe Tables
    Armchairs / Stools
+ Various
+ Wall Plaques
+ Porcelain / Ceramics
+ Sculptures/ Columns
+umbrella and coat stand
+ Animals Carousel
+ Antiques Silver Plated
    Jars/ Boxes /Others
    Card Trays/Tea service
    Vases/ Wine coolers
+ Mirrors


Please, send us your questions and
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Luis Guevara, General Manager

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